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Tom Walsh

tomConstruction is what we do - and we do it well. Building isn't just a livelihood or a job for us, its our craft - it's what we love to do. As a result, JJW is known for delivering outstanding, and often complex, projects to clients in a variety of industries located throughout Florida.

Some companies strive to be the biggest. We don't. We strive to be the best general contractor in Florida. Because we are experienced hands-on providers of concrete formwork and carpentry, we craft the core of all our projects and provide them with the structural integrity that is essential to successful end use. That hands-on experience is one of several things that truly makes us different - and better - than other contractors.

JJW Construction frames our success on relationships built on integrity, trust and confidence. Working together with clients, we create a team approach that produces projects with shorter timelines and tighter cost controls. And, ultimately this approach produces satisfied long-term clients. So, while other contractors are venturing into other forms of management, we'll stick with what we know best - delivering outstanding construction projects to our clients.

We invite you to experience the best that contracting has to offer - we promise to deliver the best product you've ever received. That's not just an empty promise. To us, it's the reason we exist.

We look forward to joining your team.


Thomas F. Walsh

JJW Construction