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JJW Construction’s experience and thorough knowledge of building codes and technology allows them to look ahead to discern and tackle any difficult aspects of a project before they come up, avoiding potential problems and making their projects run smoothly. They were instrumental in developing the excellent working relationship between contractor, owner and architect which allowed Fisher Island to progress so successfully.

--James A. Babcock, President --Sandy & Babcock, Inc. Architecture Planning and Interior Design


Teaming with JJW erases the line that divides owner and contractor.  With JJW, we are one team with one goal… a quality finished product… on time and on budget.

--Ira Levinshon, President --M2 Realty Corporation


“In my 35 years of both commercial and residential construction, which included supervision of EPCOT, World Trade Center, Williams Island, and presently Fisher Island, I have not found a more competent and proficient firm than JJW Construction, Inc.

--Al Guttentag, Director of Construction & Engineering --Island Developers, Ltd.