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The Villas of Positano

Hollywood, Florida

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The Villas of Positano is comprised of 62 luxury Residential Units with approximately 8,500 SF of office space fronting Ocean Drive on Hollywood Beach. The project was designed by renowned Boca Raton architect Derek Vander Ploeg and is comprised of a 383,000 SF post tension concrete structure. The project includes 21,000 cubic yards of concrete of which JJW Construction self performed with its highly skilled concrete operations.

The ground to 4th floor pedestal includes the lobby entrance & drive, private garages & parking with 3-story Villa units facing the park on the north side. Beyond the coastal construction line on the east, spacious villa units on the second third and fourth floor overlook the pool & spa area, Hollywood Beach & the boardwalk with ground level private cabanas directly on the pool deck. The fifth floor deck of the 11 story structure is made up of a 30" transfer slab to support unit terraces as well as to accommodate the new column layout for floors four through nine. On the ninth floor another transfer slab 14" in depth was utilized to accommodate the new column grid layout for the two-story penthouse units and provides the "wedding cake" appearance of the building set backs.

The timeless architecture and the quality of workmanship evident in the interior and exterior finishes will preserve this luxurious development by Lojeta for generations to come.

Shell Type: Post Tension, Conventional & Flying Forms